Download Template Blogger Versi Preman Adsense 2.0 Premium (Free)

Download Blogger Template Adsense Thugs (Free) - Google Adsense Publisher gemparnya Indonesia is currently discussing an adsense revenue booster template, the template name is Thugs Adsense.

Blogger Template Download Thugs Adsense (Free)

Download Template Blogger Versi  Preman Adsense 2.0 Premium (Free)

Why Thugs called Adsense? Does the creator was inspired by the movie Thugs Retirement? Hehe .. I do not know the details, but certainly this adsense templates Thugs had much to PROVE its success in boosting revenue earning.

Actually Adsense Templates Thugs have no alias paid premium version. But only here you can get the free version.

Before I share Reviews their templates, you need to know is the specification of template Thugs Adsense, listened yuk!

Fitur Template Preman Adsense : 

2 Pilihan Warna. 
Full Responsive
Valid HTML 5 
Seo 100% Chkme 
Adsense Ready
Fast Load
Meta tag ready
Custom title untuk tipe-tipe page di blogspot
Social button ready
3 Kolom
High CTR
layout anjuran official GA dan member ads-id
Threaded Comment
Metro style Custom blockquote
Custom metrostyle search box
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Sudah jelas ya? Berikut ini adalah script template dari Preman Adsense :

Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ogfr9nvqzhxhil7/premanadsense.xml?dl=0

Demikian artikel mengenai Download Template Blogger Preman Adsense (Free) semoga bermanfaat ya!

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